End Call
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WHEN THE DEVIL'S GOT YOUR NUMBER... Struggling with exams, fending off the advances of a lecherous teacher and unable to find boyfriends, a group of high school girls would sell their souls for a change of luck. So when they call a secret number at the stroke of midnight that urban legend says will make their dreams and desires come true, they don't think they have anything to lose. But when their every waking hour becomes a living nightmare and people start to die, the race is on to uncover the truth. Yet when the Devil himself is on the end of the phone, is there really anywhere left to go? Chilling, gruesome and damn-right-scary, this cutting edge techno-horror is an original and intelligent look at just what price people will pay to get all they dare wish for. The Last Call You Will Ever Make From the producers and team that brought you Apartment 1303.
Starring Yuria Haga, Asami Usuda, Tasuku Nagaoka
Director Kiyoshi Yamamoto