Escape From Luanda
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Alfredo, Joana and Domingas are like music students anywhere. They adore their instruments, dream of distinction and don't practice as often as they should. The difference is that they study in Angola s capital, Luanda, which is recovering from 27 years of civil war. The film spans a year in the life of the only music school in Luanda and follows these three students, each striving to make it through their course. Angola is still one of the world s poorest and most dangerous places and the students often have to go hungry and face difficult opposition so that they can follow their musical ambition. Escape from Luanda is a moving, funny and enlightening story, showing above all that where there is music, there is life...
Starring Alfredo Pedro Luis, Domingas Africana Mendes, Joana Adão Da Silva Miguel
Director Phil Grabsky, David Notman-Watt