In the Spider's Web
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They are the stuff of legends, nightmares and myths. But in hidden jungles across the globe, spiders are something else. They’re worshipped. They’re controlled. They’re waiting to be fed. Five backpacking friends (Gina, John, Phil, Stacey and Geraldine) hike through the Indian jungle with their guide, Brian, when one of them is bitten by a poisonous spider. Upon hearing of an American doctor living in a tribe nearby the group decides to seek him out. The mysterious doctor, Dr. Lecorpus, treats the girl and while Gina, John and Phil return to the town, Brian and Stacey stay with the natives. They decide to visit a temple in the jungle while waiting for Geraldine’s recovery; however, they uncover a dark secret about Dr. Lecorpus.
Starring Lance Henriksen, Jane Perry, Mike Rogers
Director Terry Winsor