Kirikou and the Men and Women
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Join Kirikou, the beloved feisty young boy with a big heart, as he helps to save his fellow villagers from a whole host of crazy mishaps. Told through the eyes of Kirikou’s grandfather, The Wise Man who lives in the Forbidden Mountain, the stories mix mythology, fable, humour and wit to tell tales of courage and learning the ways of the world. He tells us how Kirikou’s courage and intelligence helped the Strong Woman whose roof had been destroyed by Karaba the witch. He tells us how our little hero used his cunning to find the Old Grouch lost on the Savannah. Another reveals how Karaba kidnapped the Wise Man and we also learn the secret of the mysterious Blue Monster and, when a member of Kirikou’s family finds a special flute, we learn about the magical powers of music. Beautifully animated and set in lush and exotic locations, Kirikou And The Men And Woman provides fun and enjoyment for all the family.
Starring Romann Berrux, Awa Sene Sarr, Emmanuel de Kset Gomes
Director Michel Ocelot