Lost in Vagueness
Lost in Vagueness is the incomparable story of the legendary backstage after-hour area 'Lost Vagueness' at the Glastonbury Festival, the largest music and culture festival in the world. Each year, Glastonbury attracts nearly 200,000 people and has 19 million viewers on the BBC. Lost in Vagueness explores the rise and fall of the festival's unusual after-hours cabaret, the dark side of creativity and a personal trauma behind it. As an anarchic, punk traveller, Roy Gurvitz, founder of 'Lost Vagueness', scoured Europe searching for a community where he could escape his oppressive upbringing. Eventually, he returned to Glastonbury, to work with the regular site crew, where he had become friends with Michael Eavis in the early 1990s. Back then, he had no idea that the ironic faux casino that he had begun as a joke for the other site crew, would turn into the very event that would revive the festival from bankruptcy, and set the dominant cultural style of the 2000s. It was a place of opulence and decadence, and reminiscent of a permissive 1920s Berlin, but all in a muddy field. Today the legacy of 'Lost Vagueness' can be seen not only in UK, but across the global festival culture. Featuring lives acts and interviews from Fatboy Slim, Suggs (Madness) and Kate Tempest and with a soundtrack featuring over 50 artists including Beck, C.W. Stoneking, Louis Jordan and many more.
Starring Roy Gurvitz, Michael Eavis, Leila Jones
Director Sofia Ollins