Man Vs.
Doug Woods isn’t afraid of the wilderness. Or the dark. Or the cold. Or of snakes, sharks, bears or wolves. He knows which cactus contains water, which mushrooms won’t kill you and can always tell you where due North is. Doug is a professional. A professional survivor. As host of his own hit TV series, “MAN VS”, Doug gets dropped off in remote wilderness locations and is forced to fend for himself for five full days. With no crew, food or water, Doug must film his entire experience with the several cameras he carries on his back. When Doug is dropped off in remote woods of the Canadian Shield, he’s confident he has all the skills necessary to survive the week alone. But when strange things start happening in the forest, Doug realizes he’s not the only one out there. At first he assumes it’s an animal that’s stealing his food and knocking over his cameras. Then he becomes convinced a territorial hunter is messing with him to scare him off. Finally, Doug realizes the terrifying truth: whatever’s after him isn’t from this world. Miles from help, Doug suddenly finds himself in a fight for his life and will have to rely on his survival skills alone as he attempts to escape the endless forests of Northern Ontario. What Doug has no way of knowing, is that his struggle for survival is a microcosm of an unspeakable global horror.
Starring Chris Diamantopoulos, Michael Cram, Drew Nelson
Director Adam Massey