Mine Games
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Just out of college for the summer, a group of seven friends head up into the mountains for a weekend of sun and fun. Their destination is a remote, luxury cabin hidden down a single track road, deep in the forest and miles from the nearest town. Whilst exploring the cabin’s surroundings, they stumble across an abandoned mine, and as a dare, they decide to explore the dark and claustrophobic tunnels. They are amazed by how deep and far the tunnels stretch, but when they enter a room that has been locked from the outside, they make a shocking and inexplicable discovery that turns their excitement to pure fear. Disorientated, confused and shaken to the bone, they are faced with a stark choice, work out what is happening in the mine, or let the mysterious force claim their lives. Is a killer on the loose, are they suffering a psychosis, or is it something even worse? Little do they know an unstoppable chain of events has already been set in motion. The more they try to change their future, the more they seal their fates.
Starring Joseph Cross, Briana Evigan, Rafi Gavron
Director Richard Gray