MLK: The Conspiracies
1968. April 4th. A day that changed the landscape of society forever. The life of the most influential voice of social justice was ended. No person has transformed a race’s social standing as Martin Luther King Jr. He transcended racial barriers, serving as the spokesman for non violence during one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. But...the quest for equality came with consequences. The official account of Martin Luther King Jnr’s assassination points the finger solely at one lone gunman. This documentary will challenge convention. Looking behind the scenes at who orchestrated and carried out the silencing of the most powerful voice of the 20th century. Was it the actions of a poor, crazed, ex convict or... the workings of a deeper conspiracy? Discover the concealed clues behind the assassination, as we uncover the cover ups and follow the facts, to find out.. who killed MLK. Inadequate handling of arguably the most influential assassination, led many to question the official narrative. How was the assassination able to take place? Who wanted him gone? ... and why? Retrace his pursuit... to unshackle America’s racial prejudices.
Starring Loyd Jowers, Jesse Jackson, Mark Lane
Director Piers Garland