Ouija Exorcism
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Trapped beneath the creaking floorboards of a house relentlessly plagued with horror, lies an imprisoned demon, waiting for vengeance. Years before, an acclaimed exorcist banished it to a ouija board; a game where evil will possess anyone who attempts to use it.When the board is discovered hidden deep in the heart of their home, one cursed family will play the game without obeying the rules. Unintentionally, they awaken the entity, letting loose its wrath into the human world.Determined to entrench fear into the hearts of the living, the spirit will embark on a horrific rampage of possession, murder and torture. Taking revenge and inflicting terror upon all who face it, will anyone survive it’s deadly curse and escape alive?
Starring Michael Palladino, Brittney Bertier, Ben Morrison
Director Nick Slatkin