Peter Allen: A Celebration
The original Boy from Oz and international superstar Peter Allen captured the imagination of audiences from an early age. Singing alongside Chris Bell in the early 1960s as one half of the popular duo The Allen Brothers, Peter was a born performer ready to take on the world. This entertaining program captures some of those formative years on Bandstand and tracks the singer’s remarkable career on Australian television, including interviews, spanning some thirty years of appearances on GTV9. From the Bandstand with Brian Henderson archives catch The Allen Brothers perform ‘The Work Song’, ‘There’s Never Been A Girl Like You’ (1962), ‘Like Young’, ‘Go Tell It To The Three Eyed Man’, ‘Peppermint Twist’, ‘Twistin’ Sydney Way’ (with Lana Cantrell) (1963). From The Don Lane Show: ‘I Honestly Love You’ (1977), ‘Bi-Coastal’, ‘I’d Rather Leave While I’m in Love’ (1980), ‘One Step Over The Borderline’, ‘I Could Have Been a Sailor’ (1981), ‘Arthur’s Theme’ (1982). From The Midday Show with Ray Martin : ‘When I Get My Name in Lights’, ‘Don’t Wish Too Hard’ (1990), and his final single release ‘Tonight You Made My Day’ (1991).
Starring Peter Allen, Chris Bell, Ray Martin
Director Ray Newell