Pick Up the Mic
PICK UP THE MIC is the definitive film about the world of queer hip-hop. Shot over a three-year period in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston and even the Ozarks, the film captures the birth of the "homohop" movement and chronicles its growth into a global community of out artists that has emerged and thrived despite improbably odds. More than a dozen LGBT rappers expose their lives and take to the stage in searing and triumphant performances that challenge the traditionally homophobic world of hip-hop. Many of these performers meet and collaborate for the very first time as we follow their journeys. PICK UP THE MIC is a story about family, support and true evolution. In the words of homohop pioneers Deep Dickollective, "Queer boys doing hip-hop is a revolutionary act! Queer girls doing hip-hop is a revolutionary act!"
Starring Aggracyst, Johnny Dangerous, DEADLEE
Director Alex Hinton