Pompeii: Sin City
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From the acclaimed director Pappi Corsicato, a cinematic documentary on one of the world’s most famous and mysterious archaeological places. Isabella Rossellini accompanies us through secrets, masterpieces and stories that range between Myth, Eros and portraits of life. A journey through mythology, a return to original concepts, to the heart of human beings, back to their ideals, their dreams, and their relationship with immortality. Further enhancing the link between history and art are the myths re-enacted in a contemporary key created by Pappi Corsicato: Bacchus, Ariadne, Theseus, Leda, to name but a few, wear modern clothes and are suspended in time, a time that belongs both to the past and the present, showing how the legacy of Pompeii continues to be a source of artistic inspiration.
Starring Lorenzo Lancellotti, Sebastiano Pigazzi, Simone Borrelli
Director Pappi Corsicato