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Minutes after a team of scientists create a black hole a cosmic disruption occurs, triggering world-wide blackouts and the arrival of alien beings with unknown motives. 'Portals' is a genre-bending anthology with three stories set during an alien invasion that threatens the nature of reality. 'The Other Side': While driving with his family, Adam crashes into a portal and wakes alone in a hospital. He learns that he's the only person who's gone through a portal and returned. A strange black eye, his link to the portals, might be the key to saving his family. 'Call Centre': Set in a 911 call centre hours after the blackout. When the lights go out and a portal appears, a paranoid employee begins forcing people through the portal at gunpoint and a tense standoff ensues. 'Sarah': Set minutes before the arrival of the portals and shot in one continuous take. In Jakarta, A grieving young woman and her sister encounter a portal that turns people into drones hell bent on putting them inside the portal.
Starring Deanna Russo, Neil Hopkins, Ptolemy Slocum
Director Gregg Hale, Liam O'Donnell