Derya works at a bank call centre and lives with her mother in Istanbul. Her mother, who worries about Derya being alone in life, pressurises her constantly to get married, but Derya simply ignores these pleas and gets on with her humdrum, routine life. Except that one day this is suddenly thrown upside down when she hears a supernatural voice... To begin with, the voice is no more than an inarticulate murmur, but as time goes on, so it starts speaking to Derya in words she can understand. Convinced that she is hallucinating, the young woman does her best to disregard the voice. However, after a while she has no choice but to listen. The voice announces that it wants to make a deal with Derya. If she pursues Onur, her boss at work, and sounds him out, the voice will stop bothering her. Desperate to be released from the voice’s terrifying presence, Derya agrees to the deal and sets about making a move on Onur. Over time, she comes to realise that Onur’s life is not as clean as appearances would otherwise suggest. As the veil of mystery shrouding Onur’s life is gradually lifted, Derya is also given the chance to figure out some big surprises about her own life.
Starring Selma Ergeç, Mehmet Günsür
Director Umit Unal