The American Media & the 2nd Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
The film documents the the birth & purpose of Fake News, misinforming us to this day, which sabotaged New Orlean's. DA Jim Garrison's investigation into JFK's murder. The film shows how New Otlean's. D.A. Jim Garrison's winnable case against Clay Shaw as part of a CIA conspiracy to murder JFK was sabotaged illegally by both Media & Govt., with some in the Media assisting in the murder before Dallas, and all protecting the known killers after Dallas. This monumentally historic evergreen topicalo film, said by competent researchers to be the best film ever about JFK, proves, along with newly released CIA documents that New Orlean's . D.A. Jim Garrison had a winnable case against Clay shaw and the CIA for JFK's murder. He was was thwarted illegally by both Govt. and the Media with the CIA's 'Project Mockingbird,' the CIA's program to take over the American Media for the purpose of creating a permanent War State. It shows how some in Media helped the CIA before Dallas, and how all protected the known killers after Dallas. It also tells a little of director John Barbour's amazing story, (the creator of 'Real People,) how he lost his hit shows while trying to give Mr. Garrison a platform to tell his story. In the final analysis, it is America's most important untold story. Till now!!
Starring John Barbor, John F. Kennedy, Jim Garrison
Director Len Osanic, Dan Jacobs