The Foreign Duck, The Native Duck and God In a Coin Locker
Both the director and writer behind Fish Story bring another topsy-turvy tale that will have you guessing until the thrilling climax! Moving into his new apartment in Sendai, college student Shiina (Hamada Gaku) meets his new neighbour Kawasaki (Eita). Tall, confident Kawasaki and short, mild-mannered Shiina seem to be unlikely candidates for friendship, but they click over a mutual interest in Bob Dylan. Kawasaki is an odd duck, but in an irresistibly cool and charming kind of way, and Shiina can't help but be drawn into his more exciting, if slightly loony world. Kawasaki's head is full of unpredictable ideas, like his absurd warnings about pet shop owner Reiko (Otsuka Nene) or his even more absurd plan to steal a dictionary for their Butanese neighbor. Next thing Shiina knows, he's standing watch with a toy gun outside the bookstore, on the beginning of their bizarre, existential adventure.
Starring Gaku Hamada, Eita, Megumi Seki
Director Yoshihiro Nakamura