The Legend of Hercules
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Starring Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga, The Expendables 3) in the title role, The Legend Of Hercules is a thrilling action adventure that comes to life at the hands of director Renny Harlin (Deep Blue Sea, Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2). From the illustrious narratives of ancient Greek mythology where mortals and gods collide, comes the story of The Legend Of Hercules. A reimagining of the hero’s epic origins, the film approaches Hercules’ otherworldly and legendary history from the perspective of a young man struggling with his destiny. With a cast of rising talent including Liam McIntyre, Gaia Weiss, Liam Garrigan, Roxanne McKee (Games of Thrones) as well as Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2) and Rade Serbedzija—the film grounds the ubiquitous characterisations of Hercules’ superhuman strength and courage by revealing the humanity behind the man.
Starring Kellan Lutz, Liam McIntyre, Gaia Weiss
Director Renny Harlin