The Making of Moon Knight
Available on Disney+
Join the likes of Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke as they reveal how Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight was painstakingly brought to life. Through insightful interviews with cast and crew, along with immersive footage from the set, ASSEMBLED pulls back the curtain on this innovative and groundbreaking series. Revisit the caped character’s comic book origins, and hear how the show’s creative team adapted particular elements to craft Moon Knight’s mind-bending narrative. Explore with Oscar Isaac his approach to portraying dual personalities housed inside the same body, and witness the care that was taken to address mental health issues in a respectful, meaningful way. Tour the production’s massive and intricately designed sets, which also served to reinforce a major theme of the show: ancient Egyptian mythology. Meet May Calamawy who, with this series, has the distinction of playing the MCU’s first Egyptian superhero: The Scarlet Scarab. Additionally, this installment of ASSEMBLED incorporates a unique “roundtable discussion” with Moon Knight’s directors, who serve up even more candid conversation about their inspired work on the epic project. All this and much more is to be found in ASSEMBLED: The Making of Moon Knight. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.