When the Man Went South
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A classic hero's journey of discovery and survival in the remote South Pacific, When The Man Went South captures a universal tale of courage and the search for wisdom.The story of a Tongan hunter named Flying Fox (Soa Prescott) who, upon the suggestion of his chief Singing Whale (Loketi Tatafu), ventures out from the comforts of his village to discover the mysterious ways of the world that exist beyond his own island and about his strengths as a man. During his journey outwards Flying Fox meets two warring villages and attempts to mediate their respective differences.A triumph of storytelling, filmed on the picturesque island of Eua, When The Man Went South is the first ever movie to be entirely shot on location in the Kingdom of Tonga, an archipelago in the South Pacific.
Starring Soanne Prescott, Kelepi Fonahema, Sione Ma'u
Director Alex Bernstein