Frank Soda

A wild and talented Toronto guitarist/vocalist with a frenzied sense of humor, Soda is the Great White North version of Frank Zappa. With backing from bassist Charles Towers and drummer John Lechausser, Frank Soda & the Imps debuted with In the Tube in 1979 and a self-titled platter in 1980. Soda's shows involved bizarre getups and climaxed with a television exploding on his head. Soda worked with Canadian ingenue Lee Aaron on her inaugural, The Lee Aaron Project, which also included members of Triumph and Santers. Soda used session players for Saturday Night Getaway and dropped out of sight after Adventures of a Sodaman in 1983. Soda relocated to Vancouver in 1987 for family reasons, and though he continues to play live, he's been fairly quiet from a recording perspective, apart from the High Times compilation, released in 1986. ~ Doug Stone & Sean Carruthers, Rovi