Jemima Rooper

Jemima Rooper

Jemima Rooper was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. She had an early role on the television special "Wives and Daughters" (BBC, 1999-2000). She also was featured in the miniseries "Love in a Cold Climate" (2001-02). She additionally landed roles in the TV movies "Summer in the Suburbs" (BBC, 2000-01) and "The Railway Children" (PBS, 2000-01). She next focused her entertainment career on film, appearing in the action movie "A Sound of Thunder" (2005) with Ed Burns and "Kinky Boots" (2006). She also worked in television around this time, including a part on "Hex" (BBC, 2004-06). Rooper also appeared in the crime drama "The Black Dahlia" (2006) with Josh Hartnett and the comedic drama "One Chance" (2014) with James Corden. She held additional roles in television including a part on "Atlantis" (BBC, 2013-15). Most recently, Rooper acted in the romantic comedy "What If" (2014) with Daniel Radcliffe.