Julie Gayet

Julie Gayet

Julie Gayet was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Early on in her acting career, Gayet landed roles in various films, including "Les Menteurs" (1996) with Jean-Hugues Anglade, "Delphine 1-Yvan O" (1996) and the Arielle Dombasle comedy "Two Dads and One Mom" (1996). She also appeared in "Select Hotel" (1997), the drama "Le Plaisir" (1998) with Vincent Cassel and "Ca ne se refuse pas" (1998) with Isabelle Renaud. She continued to act in productions like "My Camera and Me" (2002), "La Turbulence Des Fluides" (2002) with Pascale Bussières and the Pascal Greggory dramedy "Confusion of Genders" (2003). She also appeared in "Clara et moi" (2004). Film continued to be her passion as she played roles in the Virginie Ledoyen foreign "Shall We Kiss?" (2009), the comedic adaptation "Pièce montée" (2010) with Clémence Poésy and "Sans laisser de traces" (2010). Gayet most recently produced the drama "The Treasure" (2015) with Adrian Purcarescu.