Raymond Lovell

Raymond Lovell (13 April 1900 – 1 October 1953) was a Canadian-born actor who performed in British films. He mainly played supporting roles, often somewhat pompous characters.Lovell initially trained as a physician at Cambridge University, but gave up medicine for the stage in the 1920s. On stage he appeared as Henry VIII in The Queen Who Kept Her Head. In 1941 he starred in Vernon Sylvaine's Warn That Man!, then reprised his role for the 1943 film adaptation. Lovell married Margot Ruddock, an actress, singer and poet, with whom he had a daughter, Simone Lovell. This relationship broke down when Ruddock began an affair with W. B. Yeats in 1934, the year her daughter was born. In 1947 he married Tamara Desni; they divorced in 1951.