The Chopin Shorts: Kids Collection
The Chopin Shorts is a collection of animations made by award winning directors, produced to accompany the Puppet Animation film The Magic Piano. All the Chopin Shorts are set to a Chopin etude performed by Chinese Pianist Lang Lang. The Kids Collection is aimed at our youngest viewers, but there is plenty to put a smile on any face. Papa's Boy, in Pixar style animation, tells the story of Billy Elliot but with mice and a very fat greedy cat.! is a swooshing and visually beautiful rollercoaster ride made from ink. Hamster Heaven is a touching tale based on a true story made in a classical drawn animation style and Fat Hamster features a very Fat Hamster in Puppet Animation style, from the lead animator on the Oscar Winning Peter and the Wolf. All films are set to beautiful interpretations of the Etudes by one of the World's greatest concert pianists.
Starring Sean Connolly, Lang Lang
Director Leevi Lemmetty, Anne-Kristin Berge