The Singing Kettle: Fantastic Funfair
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Roll up, roll up for this dazzling adventure set in the neon-coloured world of Roller Coasters, Merry-go-Rounds and Helter Skelters. Anya, Kevin and Gary try their luck at the fairground attractions; hook a duck, the test of strength machine and a coconut shy, to win the Magical Singing Kettles. On the way they meet a host of colourful carnival characters; Dalores Duck, Otto the Strongman & Michelle the Coconut. Bonzo munches a giant box of popcorn from the snack stall and is then chased by a bumble bee. Meanwhile, Jock the Singing Chef has plans for a goldfish he has won, but then becomes scared by a surprise visitor! Get your hands in the air and get ready for a rip-roaring roller coaster ride with music, singalong songs and lots & lots of laughter at the Fantastic Funfair.
Starring Kevin MacLeod, Anya Scott-Rodgers, Gary Coupland
Director Artie Trezise