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Amit, Biswajit and Madhumanti have been friends since college. Biswajit always had a corner for Madhumanti, but never let Madhumanti know about his feelings. Amit had a seven year old daughter, Pooja, when he got divorced. Madhumanti accepted Amit's marriage proposal just to take care of Pooja. But Pooja always held Madhumanti responsible for her parents' separation even though Madhumanti loves her unconditionally. This uneven journey of the mother-daughter relationship continued till Pooja got into the university and fell in love with her professor Siddhartha, who made Pooja realise how much Madhumanti loved her. Siddhartha, ever since he saw Madhumanti, seemed to be attracted to her. The reason behind this unfolds towards the climax of the film. In the end, all the relationships of motherhood, love and friendship in Madhumanti's life conclude in an unexpected turn of events
Starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Subhrajit Dutta, Priyanka Sarkar
Director Rema Bose