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Offender is a provocative, action-packed revenge thriller, immersing viewers in the burning backdrop of London's riots and the adrenaline-fuelled exploits of Britain's most notorious young offenders prison. This hard-hitting journey through today's youth justice system is seen through the eyes of Tommy Nix (rising star Joe Cole - Skins, stylish BBC drama The Hour). For Tommy, his girlfriend and unborn child are his entire life - his reason for living - until one cruel day they were brutally torn away, the collateral damage for a ruthless gang who pulled off an armed robbery and murder during the chaos of the London riots. With nothing but rage left inside him Tommy will stop at nothing, even incarceration, to bring those responsible to justice, as the city swelters and burns around him. They took everything from him… now he will wage a one-man-war against those responsible and deliver his own form of blazing justice. As visceral as Alan Clarke's cult classic Scum, Offender is the first film to take a look at the London riots, one year on, combining shocking circumstances with a standout soundtrack of classic soul and modern Grime. Featuring blistering performances from top UK talent such as English Frank, G-FrSH and Scorcher, Offender is set to become the years’ most thrilling film for this generation.
Starring Joe Cole, Kimberley Nixon, English Frank
Director Ron Scalpello