Rasmus Hardiker

Rasmus Hardiker

An unassuming comedic actor with a memorable name, Rasmus Hardiker was born in Birmingham, England. Well known amongst his friends and family for his gifts as a jokester and a mimic, Hardiker took an interest in a local youth theater program as a teen, performing in plays like "Guys and Dolls" and "West Side Story." He was 19 when a director from the program decided to bring the entire troupe to an audition for the TV series "The Rotters' Club" (BBC, 2005-) as a group activity. Much to his surprise, Hardiker booked the role, appearing on the show for three episodes. With that job, Hardiker's career was off and running. The following year, he landed a recurring role as Raymond on Steve Coogan's comedy series "Saxondale" (BBC, 2006-07), along with a co-starring role on the Jack Dee sitcom "Lead Balloon" (BBC, 2006-2011). Big screen opportunities would come as well, including the fantasy spoof "Your Highness" (2011). Never forgetting his talents as an impressionist, Hardiker also began expanding into voice acting around this time, providing the voice of Baz on the animated series "Groove High" (Disney Channel, 2012) in 2012. Voice work would prove to be a major outlet for Hardiker as he took on the role of Philip on the long running children's franchise "Thomas & Friends" (Channel 5, 1984-) in 2015, and became a member of the starring voice cast on "Floogals" (Channel 5, 2016-) and "Digby Dragon" (Nick Jr., 2016-) in 2016. Next trying his hand at a major American production, Hardiker began playing Kem on the Superman prequel series "Krypton" (Syfy, 2018-) in 2018.