Ghost Blues: The Story of Rory Gallagher
Ghost Blues is a brand new feature document of the late lamented musician. His contribution to rock music has had a significant impact on both musicians and music fans around the world, despite his untimely death at the age of 47. The documentary by director Ian Thuillier, features rare tracks from his formative years with his first band, Taste, through Rory’s solo career as he single-handedly spearheaded the Irish rock movement, and in the process, blazed a trail for other Irish rock bands including Thin Lizzy, U2, etc. With brand new interviews from those who knew him best; Donal Gallagher (his brother and manager) and his band members, Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) to those who he inspired to become music greats themselves - The Edge, Johnny Marr, Slash etc, this documentary will add to Rory’s enduring legend.
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