Snowball Run
Snowball Run, presented by Continental Tires and Oakley, features Cisco Adler & The Pigeons, Shwayze, and Chris Young The Rapper as they make stops at top winter destinations throughout the Northwest. The tour makes its way through the snowy season’s most exciting locations such as Park City, Utah, home to the renowned Sundance Film Festival, where the music video/mini-movie for Cisco Adler’s “Song For All The Girls” was premiered. There is also a performance in the midst of the X Games in Aspen, Colorado. The musicians race each other from gig-to-gig, completing scavenger hunts and stopping at checkpoints across four states.
出演 アーロン・スミス、シスコ・アドラー、Mark Goodfeather
監督 シスコ・アドラー、Mikey Easterling