A True Mob Story
Cheung Dee, together with his best friends Long Life Chuen and Holy Sand, set up a valet parking counter outside a restaurant owned by a triad society he affiliates with. By accident, Cheung finds out that the son of his triad head, Tai Tze, is fiercely attacked by Song Bo. To save Tai's life, Cheung attacks Song and not only leaves a scar on Song's face, but also puts him in jail for five years which plants a seed of the revenge five years later. Form that moment, the only person that can cheer him up is his best girl friend Ruby. Yet, Cheung has his heart on Sandy, a young solicitor who helped set him free in an assault case. No sooner has their love relationship developed than Cheung's nightmare has begun......
Starring Andy Lau, Alex Fong Chung-Sun, Gigi Leung
Director Wong Jing