Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark
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Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark is the final testimony on the tremulous life of a musical legend and also ‘a beacon of hope’ to blacks across 1950s America, as told to Director Jon Brewer (BB King: The Life of Riley, Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar Hero).This searing and candid account of the actual happenings in and around the “fairytale” life of fame and fortune of Nat King Cole, is taken from the private journals of Nat King Cole made available to this production by his widow just preceding her death at 89 years old. This film reveals the last words of Maria Cole on film opening her heart to tell of the man she loved and the life they shared. Also featuring from newly-released archive is Cole family mementos, letters and footage. Hear for the first time ‘Magic Window’ and ‘What to Do’ the (amazing) newly-discovered unreleased tracks sung by Nat King Cole, discovered in the vaults of the Capitol building in Hollywood. There has been much speculation and regurgitated topical coverage on Nat King Cole but as to the real story, up until now, there has been no access to the most personal records held under lock and key in a New York museum until the passing of Maria Cole.
Starring Harry Belafonte, Natalie Cole, Tony Bennett
Director Jon Brewer