Run Papa Run
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Raised by a single mother in a crime-ridden neighborhood, LEE has risen from street punk to successful syndicate crime boss. Fast money and women have always come easily to Lee. But Lee unexpectedly falls in love with a lawyer named Mabel. When Mabel becomes pregnant, Lee panics. Unable to commit, Lee refuses to marry her. Determined to make the relationship work, Mabel moves into his apartment uninvited. Mabel's stubbornness pays off when their baby HEIYI is born - Lee's paternal instincts are awakened and he is transformed into a doting father. Desperate to protect his new family, Lee conceals the true nature of his business. His gang members undergo an image makeover and to all outward appearances Lee is now a legitimate businessman. His secret is exposed when Heiyi reaches adolescence. Heiyi urges her father to go straight. But Lee has just been handpicked to be the next kingpin of the underworld and Lee must make a choice between the brotherhood and his family.
Starring Louis Koo, Rene Liu, Nora Miao Ker-hsiu (aka Nora Miao)
Director Sylvia Chang