Sixty Million Dollar Man
Shing (Stephen Chow), the son of Lee (Ng Man Tat), one of Hong Kong popularity billionaire, was sent to study in the United States, However, Shing was so spoiled that he could never concentrate in his study instead he spent most of his time flirting with girls. Shing has confidence that he can have all the girls that he wants.One day, a very beautiful and disposition lady – Silvia attended the same class as Shing, he was so excited; he bet with his classmates that he could have Silvia as his girl friend within a week. However, Silvia was very difficult to approach because of her proud character. At Kuen suggestion, buddy of Shing – actually his secret admirer, Shing sneaked into Silvia's home as he wants to surprise Silvia by singing her a love song. B doing so Shing discovered that Silvia was the mistress of Roberto, head of the Mafia. At that very moment, Roberto and his gang was having a confidential meeting regarding a big project. Shing was very frightened and he while was trying to leave he was discovered by the gang. Roberto wanted to kill Shing as Shing has overheard their conversation. Fortunately, Kuen has saved Shing by driving him away from the house.
Starring Stephen Chow, Gigi Leung, Ng Mang Tat
Director Wong Jing, Yip Wai Man