The Magnificent Scoundrels
Shing is a smart con man with out-going personality. One day he tries to con a girl to find out if she is also a con artist. Once they meet, Shing sees that she's in trouble because she owes money to a loan shark. Outta his kind heart, he saves her. Meanwhile, Old Bill is forced to act like a rich guy with Apple to rick people for money. He meets Shing outside a richman's house so mistakes him as a rich guy. Shing has a crash on Apple when he sees her. They start to trap each other. Shing has true love with Apple later on so he confesses everything. Apple is touched and tells him the truth. They realize they're on the same boat and they set up a plan…Of course the story ends with the loan shark's be jailed and everybody lives happily ever after.
Starring Stephen Chow, Teresa Mo, Niu Tien
Director Lee Lik-Chi