The Master
Uncle Tak opens a clinic "Po Chi Lam" in the U.S., where he also teaches martial arts. A traitor Johnny comes to challenge and Uncle Tak is seriously injured. Luckily On-na saves him. Uncle Tak's first apprentice Kit comes visiting Uncle Tak in the U.S. When he arrives "Po Chi Lam", he meets a bank clerk, May. He then knows his master is missing. Luckily, On-na appears on time and Kit is able to see his master again. Because of his master, Kit decides to stay for the time being. Johnny runs wild wantonly and the police do not know how to deal with him. Kit re-opens "Po Chi Lam". Johnny comes to pick fight again. When they are fighting fiercely, the police arrive and Johnny flees. Kit packs his stuff and plans to leave. On the way to the airport, he discovers that he has left the passport. He returns to "Po Chi Lam" at once. He finds Uncle Tak's message and he senses something has gone wrong. It turns out that Johnny has taken On-na hostage and he wants to challenge Kit and his master again. Uncle Tak has just recovered, and he is unable to stand the strain any longer. At the critical moment, Kit arrives. He fights with Johnny fiercely. At last, Johnny falls down the building and dies. For his master's sake, Kit decides to stay and live in the U.S.
Starring Jet Li, Yuan Hua, Crystal Kwok
Director Hark Tsui