The Skyhawk
In Bangkok, Kwangtung boxer Huang Fei-hung, The skyhawks, rescues Hsiao Shih-tzu, a young man who fights off five thugs only to be wounded himself. The Shyhawk attends to his wound at Chu Kuei's home. Badman Ku Chung-wu plots to monopolise the porter service at the pier. But most of the porters are led by Chu. As a result, Ku tries to fan up troubles among the porters. At a dinner party, Yu-ying, sister of The Skyhawk's student Fatty complains to The Skyhawks that her husband Wei Wen, has become addicted to heavy gambling in place run by Ku...
Starring Kwan Tak-Hing, Nora Miao Ker-hsiu (aka Nora Miao), Sammo Huang
Director Cheng Chang Ho