Triads: The Inside Story
The boss of the Hung Hing triad society is murdered. His son, Lee Man Ho, comes back to Hong Kong to organise the funeral. The Hung Hing elders want Ho to succeed his father in the triad. Ho refuses and states that it is against his wishes to be part of a triad society. He advises them to rent the group's various businesses to counterparts so as to avoid the trouble of taking care of them. The businesses are rented out smoothly. However, other triads ruin them all, and Hung Hing is blamed. Ho is daring enough to face the leaders of other groups and successfully settles some disputes. Everyone has confidence in him. But Ho insists that he will not join them. When Ho sets an enemy free, Yeung Kong is not satisfied. He loses his temper and has a fight with Tse Shing. Shing is later murdered and Dumb Keung mistakenly believes that Kong is the murderer. When Keung finds Kong, he dies accidentally. Kong knows that Hung Hing will not let him go easily. He joins a gang without thinking and helps them to smuggle vehicles. As soon as Ho learns about this, he rushes to the terminal. However, it is too late. Kong has been set up and is already detained by police. Ho then finds out that the head of the gang is the one who killed his father. He rushes out of the police barricade with Kong and kills the head of the gang. Kong is grateful to Ho and tells the police he is the murderer.
Starring Chow Yun-fat, Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung, Robin Shou
Director 黃泰來