Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood is a YouTube and digital star known for his elaborate prank videos. Atwood began creating videos in 2006, which he sold on DVDs at that year's Warped Tour. He worked at family rope factory Atwood Rope and on various film and commercial projects in the Columbus, Ohio area, where he lived, until he launched his YouTube channel in 2009. His comedic sketch videos and, especially, his prank videos gained significant traction on the site and internet at large. Some of his most notable videos include "Anniversary Prank Backfires! !" (2013), "Killing My Own Kid Prank! !" (2014), and "Crazy Plastic Ball Prank! !" (2015). Many of Atwood's prank and vlog videos prominently feature his girlfriend Brittney Smith, their son Kane, and, his son from a previous marriage, Noah. Atwood often has run-ins with the law due to his public pranks, but usually without prosecution. He was, however, arrested for inducing panic and disorderly conduct in Columbus in 2014, and was tried. Atwood won the case on a free speech basis. Atwood has also been accused of faking pranks, most notably by YouTuber Philip DeFranco in 2015. Atwood and fellow pranksters starred in prank film Natural Pranksters, and as of August 2016, had over 9 million subscribers and 1 billion views on his primary YouTube channel.