Sexocracy : The man of Bunga Bunga
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'The man of Bunga Bunga' used to be an influential entertainment industry's agent, worldwide. His name is Lele Mora. He organized big events and speeches for Gorbachev and Clinton; he met Fidel Castro and Pope Wojtyla. But he also had had problems with justice. Known as Silvio Berlusconi's best friend, he is now accused to have brought escorts (among which Ruby) to the residence of the former Italian Prime Minister for group sex sessions with these girls (Bunga Bunga rite). This documentary tells Lele Mora's life, his relationship with Berlusconi, about Bunga Bunga, and about the Italians' fever for fame in the showbiz. It also shows how in Italy there are still young people who believes in family values. Are we sure they are Italians?
Starring Lele Mora, Ruby Karima El Mahroug
Director Ruben Maria Soriquez