House of Fury
On the surface, Yue Siu Bo (Anthony Wong) is a Chinese chiropractor and a widowed father. His son Nicky (Stephen Fung), a dolphin trainer at Ocean Park and daughter Natalie (Gillian Chung), a high school student, learn the art of kung fu from him, but are unconvinced and sceptical of their father's claim to having a hidden life as a heroic bodyguard for retired secret agents. It is obvious that the family will not stay harmonious for long as the children become increasingly tired of their father's bragging.Then one day, Rocco (Michael Wong) arrives in his wheelchair, asking Teddy for information on an ex-agent code-named Dragon. Knowing that Dragon foiled Rocco's mission 12 years ago, an incident that left Rocco wheelchair-bound for life, Teddy's lips are sealed. Rocco leaves in silence but soon returns with his four henchmen. Teddy puts up a valiant fight but, outnumbered, he is finally captured and taken away. Tortured and drugged, Teddy reveals that data on the retired agents is hidden in his kids' lucky charms.Rocco's men are immediately dispatched to Natalie's school but they are no match for the team of battling siblings. Unable to get what he wants by force, Rocco reverts to Plan B and threatens to kill Teddy unless the kids can find Dragon for him.With the help of boy friend Jason (Daniel Wu) and goofy schoolmate Ella (Charlene Choi), Natalie finally finds the clue to her father’s disappearance and unearths the secret data files hidden in the lucky charms. It is then that she and Nicky realise Dragon is none other than their father's long-time friend Uncle Chiu (Wu Ma). The people in those thrilling spy stories they grew up hearing from their father finally have recognizable faces. Their father is telling the truth after all! Just when they are planning to pay Tide a visit to enlist his help, Jason locks them up and confronts Tide on his own. Jason's motive becomes the new mystery that Nicky and Natalie have to solve before they can save their father. But time is rapidly running out!
Starring Anthony Wong, Stephen Fung, Charlene Choi
Director Woo-Ping Yuen, Stephen Fung