Hu Du Men
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Liang Kim Sum wants to introduce reform to the performance style of her Cantonese opera troupe. She has to mediate the conflict between an avant-garde young director and a conservative old actor. She is busy preparing her farewell performance and making arrangements to migrate to Australia with her husband Chan Yiu Cho and his daughter Mimi. Yip Yuk Sheung, a young Cantonese actress from Singapore, is forced by her father to work for Kim Sum's troupe. Wong Man Chun, her boyfriend, flies all the way from Singapore to meet her in Hong Kong. Their love is opposed by both families. Nelly, the "sister" of Kim Sum, suddenly shows up back-stage to see her after over two decades apart. She tells Kim Sum that Man Chun is in fact the actress' son, but has been fostered by her...
Starring Josephine Siao, Anita Yuen, Daniel Chan
Director Shu Kei