Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris), a former junior Amateur Boxing Association champion, squandered his talent trying to make a quick buck in the seedy world of unlicensed boxing and has lost his sense of direction. He is battling an addiction, adrift on a lonely journey, swimming in cheap booze. With no family or friends, and a seeming inability to accept change, it looks as though life is beating down on him. Jimmy visits the Union Street amateur boxing club and the people who had been so important in his early life, and trainer Eddie (Michael Smiley) welcomes him back. But penniless and with few options, Jimmy approaches Joe Padgett (Ian McShane), a man who fixes unlicensed fights, and wants to take on an accomplished fighter for a couple of grand. Joe agrees to set up a match against a tough and dangerous boxer in the north of England. Jimmy and Eddie then work together, both men battling their personal demons. Their worlds darken and London is left far behind when they head north to the most brutal fight of their lives. The venue is a bear pit. The locals are partisan. The opponent is a killer. Jimmy must fight for his life. Battered, exhausted and now truly at rock bottom, Jimmy finally lets his fear dissipate. As the vicious fight reaches its conclusion, the result is life changing...
Starring Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Michael Smiley
Director Thomas Q. Napper