Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz

Actress and dancer Caity Lotz's diverse early career as a dancer and singer provided the groundwork for her ascension to stardom in features like "The Pact" (2011) and on the TV series "Arrow" (The CW, 2012-). Born Caity Marie Lotz in San Diego, California, she was a multi-hyphenate at the very beginning of her career. Lotz made her screen debut as a cheerleader in the comedy "Bring It On: All Or Nothing" (2006), and performed as a dancer on stage and in music videos with such pop, rock and R&B performers as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and T-Pain. Lotz also pursued her own singing career with a girl group called Soccx, which scored a Top 10 hit in Germany with the 2007 single "Scream Out Loud." Acting eventually became her primary showcase, with her first big break coming as Stephanie, daughter of Anna Draper, on "Mad Men" (AMC, 2007-2015). The exposure afforded Lotz a starring role in the offbeat horror-comedy mockumentary series "Death Valley" (MTV, 2011) as a police officer assigned to fight monsters on the streets of Los Angeles. Her impressive debut as a film leading lady came in "The Pact," an unsettling independent horror film about a young woman investigating the disappearance of her sister in a house plagued by supernatural phenomena. Television again provided her with a breakout role as the vigilante known as The Canary on "Arrow." The Canary - based on the DC Comics character Black Canary - was a recurring role on the series until 2015, when she was dispatched by an unseen assassin while aiding hero Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow (Stephen Arnell). Fans who were initially disappointed by her demise were cheered when Lotz was announced as a cast member on an untitled spin-off series from "Arrow" and "The Flash" (The CW, 2014-) that would feature a number of DC heroes and villains. Conflicting reports circulated the Internet about which character Lotz would play, as the Canary had been killed, with some sources citing her new role as an obscure DC heel called The White Canary, while others believed her to be a resurrected version of The Canary.



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