Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 30
Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends. The Shorts Collection 30 includes 4 amazing episodes: Teleshopping, Goat Lee Soccer, Loving aeronautics, Super Swifty Teleshopping: Jade sees a shampoo commercial on TV and decides to buy it, but something definitely goes wrong! Goat Lee soccer: Swifty, Jade and PB are bothered by John Tragoat and his friends, but they will take a revenge with the help of Goat Lee. Loving aereonautics: Swifty and PB use the gravity gun to have fun flying and doing a real stunts, but Otto's Puffins are going to pull a fast one... Super Swifty: The shaman Anuk gives Swifty some incredible powers, making him a superhero, but... “With great power comes great responsibility”!
Starring Goat Julia, Jade, Puffin
Director Giuseppe Squillaci