Fight Back To School 3
Million Wong, a millionaire, has a date with an unknown girl. That night, he is killed by an ice awl. Chow Sing Sing, a brilliant cop, promises his fiancé Man that he will never work as an undercover cop again. In return, Man runs a flower shop instead of teaching in school. However, the police head officer Mr. Ta Wang Lai orders Chau to work as an undercover cop again. This time, Chau has to pretend the millionaire in order to investigate the two most suspicious persons – his wife Judy Tong and Crocodile Lam. Man gets mad when she hears about the plan. She swears that she will take revenge if Chau does anything disloyal to her...
Starring Stephen Chow, Anita Mui, Nat Chan Pak-Cheung
Director Wong Jing