Beauty and the Bestie
Emman, a cop investigating a case involving foreign nationals, reaches out to his estranged best friend, Erika, to ask him to pretend to be a foreign contestant in a beauty pageant. Erika has a striking resemblance to Ms. Uzeklovakia who had been abducted by terrorists. Desperate to provide for his family, Erika takes on the job while Emman continues to search for the missing beauty queen. Despite the difficulties of keeping up the pretense, Erika soldiers on for her family and in the hopes that Emman will eventually reciprocate his romantic feelings toward him. But Emman remains just as elusive as the real Ms. Uzeklovakia. Just before the coronation night, Ms. Uzeklovakia escapes from her captors. To keep her safe, it is decided that Erika should continue with the pageant. But this makes the threat to Erika's and Emman’s lives more imminent and real, and only with their trust and friendship restored do they stand a chance against the terrorists.
Starring Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, James Reid
Director Wenn V. Deramas