Healthy Back
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This movie is the first aid for those suffering from pain and acute damage to discs (popularly: ‘slipped discs’). For people who sit at work, who regularly spend long periods at the computer, in the car, have poor body posture, atrophied muscles or are overweight. It is suitable for mothers after giving birth, children, and youth who use cells, tablets and laptops every day in unhealthy positions. It will teach you a system of exercising which with regular usage will remove the risk of again damaging discs and will permanently remove back problems. Once again you can have a higher quality personal and professional life — free of pain. MIROSLAV SATAN - NHL hockey player/holder of Stanley Cup Serious injury to my sacral spine and damaged discs took me out of my professional hockey career for some time. Thanks to regular training with the special health exercises you will find on this video, I was able to return to the ice and again get pleasure from hockey. LUBOMIR VISNOVSKY - NHL hockey player/World Champion In 2003 during the season, I slipped three discs. After a month of pain and frustration, Zora Czoborova turned up and we began training this series of exercises four times a day. Thanks to her training, expertise and patience I was able to continue with my hockey career. I recommend these exercises to everyone, whether amateurs or professional athletes. MATEJ TOTH – Olympic champion, Rio de Janeiro 2016 Body support and stability are important for correct sporting and for everyday life. I don’t know any athlete who doesn’t pay great attention to correct back strengthening. In my case, this means practically every day. In this video you get it all, right in the comfort and privacy of your living room. Thanks to Zora Czoborova, her interesting exercises and detailed instructions, you’ll be doing something for a firmer and healthier body. KAROL KUCERA – professional tennis player and trainer I’m sure that none of us doubts that Zora Czoborova is an absolute world leader in her discipline. I am very glad that she is bringing out this series of exercises as one complete video. I personally recommend these exercises to my tennis players and regularly include them in their training as prevention against potential injuries and unilateral burdening of the body.
Starring Zora Czoborová
Director Zora Czoborová