The Endless Night
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There is thick fog, all flights are cancelled. For a whole night, the travelers are stuck in the departure hall and are at the mercy of themselves and their fellow travelers. Will Tremper's film is the story of encounters that can change a life. The stories of the travelers are interwoven, and for a variety of reasons they all suddenly find themselves in the same situation: There is the aging actor Stoltmann, who fears he will not be able to play King Lear in Hanover - the lead he has been waiting for all his life. Important business partners can not be received and dramatic marriage crises inflame. A Polish jazz combo plays a jam session against the fog, while the broke starlet Sylvia tries to find a bed for the night, while the farmer John McLeod is not sad at all about the delay because he fell in love with travel agent Juanita.
Starring Harald Leipnitz, Hannelore Elsner, Karin Hübner
Director Will Tremper