Magic Gift of the Snowman
Everybody knows that Christmas is the time when miracles happen. And this exciting new tale is about a cool snowman who brings a very special gift to a little girl and her family. Emery Elizabeth is a little girl whose illness seems to make her weaker every day. But Emery's brother Landon has his own ideas about how to help his sister find the will to get better. Every day, Landon tells his sister a story about the coolest guy on the planet, Snowden the Snowman, who lives in an enchanted kingdom where there are no grownups, where beds are made from marshmallows and lullaby birds sing kids to sleep, where there's always fresh, white snow on the ground and, most importantly, where the good Princess Electra and her magical smile keep people happy all year round. But when Princess Electra's smile is stolen by the evil Charlatan, Lord of Yuck, Snowden comes alive and pulls Landon and Emery Elizabeth into his magical world for the adventure of a lifetime. Emery must search deep within herself to find the strength she needs to save the day - and herself.
Starring Nathan Aswell, Garry Chalk, Ian Corlett
Director Toshiyuki Hiruma Takashi